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Cleanups And Garden Maintenance Services

Cleanups: Thanks to a primarily temperate and partly subtropical climate, many properties can be beautifully landscaped where lawns, trees, shrubs and flower or garden beds flourish all year long, and we all wish that our gardens could look picture perfect all day, every day.

Here at Fox Mowing, we know you have a busy schedule and finding time for cleanups and garden maintenance can be difficult. However, neglecting your garden beds for a short period can mean that weeds and pests overrun them and become overgrown and untidy.

Regular pruning, weeding, edging, fertilising, mulching, and even planting are essential to ensure your garden is eye-catching and attractive throughout the year. Our Fox cleanups & garden maintenance specialists have provided top-class services to residential and commercial clients for years.

We have all the expertise, skills and resources necessary to ensure your flower and garden beds look exquisite, regardless of season. Avoid the backbreaking job of keeping your garden and flower beds in check, and let our garden care specialists take care of every aspect of your garden maintenance.

Not only will we ensure that the gardens surrounding your home or business are the most appealing in the neighbourhood, but we’ll do it at a price that your wallet will love, giving you back your weekends!

Our Cleanup & Garden Maintenance Includes:

  • Garden maintenance
  • Garden fertilising
  • Garden weed control
  • Garden pest control

Cleanups & Garden Maintenance

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