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Garden Drainage

Garden Drainage: Every garden needs a good drainage system to allow the removal of surface and sub-surface water from an area and prevent it from pooling in your lawn or invading your home.

There are a few types of drainage systems that you can choose from, which would fit your home or garden’s needs perfectly.

  • Dry well system is similar to the French drain but is an environmentally-friendly alternative because it drains rain water onsite.
  • French drain is the most used system for outdoor drainage and is engineered to direct water to a drain instead of spreading it over your land.
  • Bog area in landscape uses landscaping plants to drain small amounts of water.
  • Corrugated plastic tubes direct water from downspouts, either to drain or to spread water within the landscape.
  • Grassy swale is usually used in large areas to dissipate excess water or to direct the water into a drain.

These are just some of many types of drainage systems that are out there on the market. If you can’t decide which one is best suited to your needs, there are always professionals in your area you can call on to help with this problem and who will give you the best possible solution for the dilemmas you face. Why not call the Fox Mowing experts today.

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