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Hedge Trimming & Topiary

Topiary: Whether it be for the simple beauty that those straight, clean lines bring to your garden or the added privacy that they offer – it is hard to beat a perfectly sculpted hedge. It looks like a lot of hard work to maintain, and we won’t kid you – it is! But our team has never shied away from hard work and we don’t plan to start now!

Our Hedge Trimming, Tree and Topiary Services Include:

Trimming Hedges

No matter how small or how tall your hedge is, we can trim them all. And with years of experience behind us, we know exactly what time of year is best for trimming and how to keep those lines perfectly straight. Just tell us what you would like from your hedge, and we’ll clip it back or let it grow so that your vision is brought to life!

Planting Hedges

The right hedge can be a naturally beautiful alternative to a fence or screen or it can add a purely decorative element to your yard. They can be planted year round and the particular shrubs or trees used can be based on how they change and bloom throughout the seasons.


Topiary is simply nature turned into art using nothing but simple garden shears. Whether you’re looking for perfectly straight geometrical shapes or smoothly flowing curves, topiary is a perfect way to balance the wild, natural shape of the rest of your garden. Topiary can only be learned one way through – and that is by trimming, making mistakes, waiting for them to grow out and then doing it all over again until you finally get it right. So don’t take the risk of ruining a decades-old topiary tree – call us instead!

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