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Lawn Drought Protection

Lawn Drought Protection: In Australia, protecting your lawns for inevitable dry spells can save you a whole lot of money, time and heartache later.

During extreme heat, grass can go into a dormant state where it will brown and dry off. This does not necessarily mean that it is dead, it is just protecting itself and conserving water. Generally, the grass will rebound when the temperature drops and there is more adequate rainfall and optimal growing conditions. However, ongoing heat and lack of moisture can cause permanent damage to your lawn if it is not supplemented by watering.

During times of prolonged drought:

  • Water your lawn with a deep soaking instead of frequent sprinklings.
  • Water early morning before the heat sets in and the water is lost to evaporation.
  • Add shade to your yard to protect the soil and lawn. Planting tall plants, shrubs and trees, and having shade sails will help to protect and keep the soil and lawn cooler and preserve water.
  • Keep the lawn healthy all year round with regular fertilising. This will promote deep root systems and will provide a well-balanced soil, which will be a source of energy to the lawn through periods of drought.
  • Leave the grass to grow longer during a drought by lifting the mower cutting height. This will offer more shade for the soil and will help to encourage deep growing root systems where they can find moisture from deep within the soil.
  • Once you mow, leave the grass clippings on the lawn. This will help shade your lawn and maintain moisture levels.
  • Choose a turf that is more drought resistant, such as Buffalo or Zoysia, as they are better designed to cope and survive during drought conditions.

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