Lawn Mowing

    Fox Lawn Mowing & Gardening Franchises

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    We’ve taken the hard work out of establishing your own business. If you and Fox jointly decide that we have a winning combination then joining the Fox Family is easy. We’ll set you up with:

    • A no-nonsense start up and help with everything you need to commence business.
    • Very reasonable establishment fees, with payment terms to help you get started for less upfront because we know that for some, early on, finance can be the hardest part.
    • Lower and fairer ongoing fees.
    • No hidden costs or conditions.
    • The best available professional equipment at the best prices.
    • Industry-specific training and the skills to run your business successfully.
    • A meaningful work guarantee so that you can rely on knowing that you’ll have a guaranteed minimum income for the first 6 months of your business, with no smoke and mirrors or unrealistic conditions attached to that guarantee.

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