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Lawn Repairs & Top Dressing Services

Top dressing, a crucial step in lawn care, can breathe new life into your landscape without the hassle of complete removal. This technique involves applying a thin layer of high-quality soil or sand to the surface of your lawn, effectively smoothing out imperfections and enhancing overall health. Discover the transformative power of top dressing and restore your lawn to its former glory.

Lawn repairs or renovations can be best described as restoring a poor-quality lawn into good condition without completely removing the lawn. A forgotten or poorly maintained lawn must be renovated when it shows signs of weed infestation, poor drainage, compacted soils or uneven levels. As with all projects, it is necessary to investigate and determine the cause or causes of lawn deterioration. Only when you have the correct information can you implement corrective programs. Otherwise, you may have to repeat the process in another year or two. Issues with your lawn, which can be corrected by renovating an existing lawn, include incorrect soil PH levels, soil density, thatch, undesirable grass types and general neglect. Some straightforward solutions to help repair your lawn include aerating, dethatching, vertimowing, weed and pest spraying, fertilising and top dressing.

A quality top dressing is usually used for smoothing or levelling turf. Surface top dressing is one of the most effective controls for limiting thatch and should be completed when the lawn is at its optimum growth stage cycle.

Before applying the top dressing, you should cut the lawn to a suitable height. If you haven’t fertilised the lawn recently, feed it and water it, then lightly top dress no more than 2cm. Top-dressing soil must be clean and consistent, free of pests and weeds. You should spread the soil as evenly as possible over the lawn area.

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