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Garden Fertilising

Fertilising: Just like us, plants need food to stay healthy. Food for plants comes in the form of fertilisers.

Fertilisers are a range of chemical or mineral products that release nutrients necessary for plant growth. There are two main types of fertilisers – chemical (inorganic) and mineral (organic) fertilisers.

Chemical fertilisers are added to the soil as liquids or solids and are specifically designed and formulated for a specific purpose, such as to increase plant fertility and promote growth. Mineral or organic fertilisers are natural and are derived from plants and animals, such as manure and seaweed, and can be used as general soil improvers.

Fertilisers are necessary as they add nutrients to the soil, thereby combating any deficiencies that there may be in the natural soil, such as inadequate levels of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous, which can affect the plants’ health and growth.

Every plant requires different nutrients at different stages throughout its growth cycle. There are a diverse range of fertilisers, all with differing quantities of minerals, that provide either instant or slow release times, dependant upon what each plant requires. For best results when using fertilisers, always read the label and apply only as directed.

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