Franchise information: Offer a number of advantages over starting a business from scratch, including brand recognition, training and support, and access to proven business.


Thank you for your interest in taking on a Fox Mowing & Gardening Franchise.

Fox launched in late 2012, but the head team here has well over 25 years of experience in the lawn care and garden maintenance industry and it’s this cumulative experience that we bring not only to our own business but to yours too.

We now have almost 50 franchisees running their very own viable and successful owner-operated businesses across six states. We’ve achieved this within our first three years of operation, making us the fastest growing mowing and gardening franchise operation in the country!

Because it’s still relatively early days with Fox you currently have the possibility of starting with us when the potential for your business, and ours, is at the greatest. You too can share in the success of our business as it grows.

At Fox We Offer Our Franchisees:

  • Significant Territory Sizes – This gives you a lot of scope to establish and grow your business and you need never work very far from home.
  • Real Turnover Guarantee – Of up to $1500 per week, without paying extra or without conditions making it impossible to earn, we do the work for you and if you fall short we pay you the shortfall in cash every month which you can count on whilst building your business.
  • Hands-On Guidance, Assistance and Mentoring – We are totally committed to helping you and your business reach its full potential. The better your business is the better our business is.
  • A Dedicated Service – We will only ever be Fox Mowing & Gardening so we’ll stay true to our vision of filling Australia with beautifully well-kept lawns and gardens.
  • Lower Overall Franchise Numbers – We believe in quality above quantity, so we’ve made a decision to keep the number of franchisees relatively low, this means that we can give you more personalised service and support.
  • Promotion and Advertising – Our contemporary approach to marketing makes full use of all modern tools of promotion. More people hearing about what you do means more quality leads. This means that with us you’ll get more work and that your business will grow faster.
  • Lower and Fairer Franchising Fees – We’ve done our best to keep our running costs low, while still maintaining quality. This means that you’ll get the most effective results from your continuing investment, so the harder you work, the harder we work too and the more you earn.
  • Financing – We know that sometimes the only barrier to your passion and commitment is financing, so we have a few options available for you to find an arrangement that suits you to spread the costs out over time. Done right, this means that you’ll invest as you earn, rather than having to front up with the full costs of establishment all in one go.

We genuinely believe that a Fox Mowing investment is one of the most reasonably priced and potentially sound small business investments that you can make.

Your Steps to Joining Us At Fox:

  • Contact us for full information.
  • Organise to spend a full day in the field with our State trainer.
  • Checkout our Franchise Agreement & associated documentation which we supply without any commitment, payment or conditions.
  • Decide on a territory near you.
  • Complete your training which is done in your state at no extra cost and includes one on one time with Leo your State Franchisor.
  • Commence your business after we do all the hard work for you. We set up your business, source your equipment and get you earning from day one as quickly as possible.


Want to Find Out More Information?

If you want to run your own business, are focused on customer service, and are not afraid of a bit of hard work and getting your hands dirty we would love to hear from you!

Simply, complete your details on the form on the right, and we will send you further detailed information including a full break down of ingoing costs.

Your State Franchisor for ACT is Leo Lazich. Leo has over 15 years experience in the industry. Starting as an independent contractor, he became a Jim’s Mowing Franchisee & Trainer before selling his business to manage a service based business in the UK. On his return, he became a manager with Jim’s Mowing Canberra looking after the largest number of franchisees within the Jim’s Group before joining Fox Mowing in Early 2014.

Leo is happy to discuss any questions you have about a franchise and you can him directly on
M: 0439 369 669 or via email at

We look forward to hearing from you.


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