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Lawn & Garden Bug Spraying Services

Bug Spraying: Whether it’s aphids on your roses, snails munching on your seedlings, lace bugs destroying your azaleas or caterpillars invading your vegetable garden – pests are something nobody wants to see in their garden.

According to the Fantastic Gardeners Blog, at least 29 pests are expected in gardens in Australia. So, whether you have established trees and shrubs, flowering plants, seedlings, or a vegetable garden, some insects can threaten your plants’ health.

Using environmentally sustainable methods, the lawn & garden bug spraying services offered by Fox Mowing will eliminate your lawn & garden’s natural predators and reduce the damage they cause to your precious plants, flowers & grass.

Given the right ‘feeding’ conditions, nearly every lawn will sometimes be liable to attack by lawn bugs and grubs. The most common pests can include Black Beetle, Armyworm, Cutworm and Sod Webworm. Depending on the bug, these pests can either be surface-dwelling feeding on the grass leaves, while others can directly attack the roots of the lawn, causing extensive damage. So, at the first signs of infestation, treatment is imperative to eradicate any active grubs or eggs, minimising damage and preventing future harm.

So, if you notice bugs in your lawn or garden, we know how to eliminate them. Call the Fox team and watch your lawn and garden grow like never before. We’ll treat your home or commercial garden as our own!

All Fox team members are trained in safe spraying, all holding their ChemCert licence, enabling them to apply products to your property safely, protecting your gardens and the wellbeing of your family, children and pets. Fox prides themselves on quality service, so call the experts at Fox Mowing and let us take care of those pesky pests for you!


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