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Garden Plant Selection

Garden Plant Selection: Plants can make a huge statement in any garden. They are probably the single most important aspect in a new landscape or garden renovation. Plants can set the mood and style of the garden, draw your focus to different areas, and create interesting views and features.

It is important to have the right plant selection. To do this, you should consider:

  • The size of the plant. Read up on how tall and wide the plants will grow. Planting large plants in unsuitable places can end up being a costly experience.
  • The theme and style of your garden. If you’re looking to replicate a certain style, such as Australian, Balinese, country, tropical etc., then your plant choice should be a reflection of this.
  • The climate and location of the plants. Plants are suited to different environments, light conditions and soils. If the area is in full sun, then you will need to choose a plant that can withstand direct sunlight.
  • How much maintenance is required? Some plants require more care, maintenance, watering, and general support than others. If you are not prepared to put in the effort required, choose plants that are drought tolerant and of a hardier nature.
  • Contrasting colours and textures of plants. Use your plants to give your garden a contrast of light and shade. Plants that have different thicknesses of leaves, colours or patterns can look great when layered into your garden, creating different heights and bursts of colour.

So, before you run to the nursery, do some research so that you choose plants that are suited to your area that will survive and thrive.

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