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Soil Conditioning

Soil Conditioning: The condition of your soil can play a big part in how your plants and grass grow and perform.

Soil conditioning is a product that is added to the soil to improve its ability to provide nutrition to the plants. This can come in a range of forms including fertilisers, organic matter and living organisms such as earth worms.

Soil conditioning may be required if you have either sandy or clay soil types.

Sandy soils, although excellent for drainage, take away all the nutrients from the soil. To rectify this, you will need to add organic matter such as grass clippings, manure and leaves to the soil and mix thoroughly. This will help to improve the soil structure and help retain moisture and nutrients.

Clay soil is the direct opposite of sandy soil as it holds in all the moisture and nutrients. However, the ground remains compacted and doesn’t drain well. To combat clay soils, you will need to add organic matter and gypsum to the soil and work it through by aeration. This will open up the air circulation in the soil, improving drainage and structure, and making the nutrients more readily available to the plants.

If you have any concerns about your soil, we would recommend completing a pH test to determine its nutrient level. And then add the required fertiliser or organic matter to improve any deficiencies that are indicated.

And of course, if you want some additional help and advice on soil conditioning, the simplest solution is to let Fox Mowing look after it all for you.

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